Mike "Pig Pen" Cummins

U.S. Marine, Law Enforcement Officer, Tireless Volunteer, Devoted Husband, Stalwart Father.


Born in Madisonville, Kentucky and raised in Buras, Louisiana, Mike joined the Marine Corps at 17 and soon found himself in the jungles of Vietnam.

9th Engineers

As an engineer he helped to build roads and bridges, cleared minefields and tunnels and provided security. It was in the course of these duties that he earned his purple heart.

Police Officer

He met his wife as a police officer in Lombard, Illinois. They had two children and moved to South Florida where he served with Metro Dade until he retired. Before he retired he bought a 45� Coronado Sloop. The family would spend many years sailing the Bahamas.

Yacht Captain

After earning his Captain's license, Mike and Joyce worked as a yacht charter team for many years. They met a great many interesting characters and collected many fascinating tales.


They eventually returned to shore and settled down. Having ridden motorcycles his entire life, Mike started riding with the Leathernecks. He spent the remainder of his life helping his brothers and pursuing noble causes.


The Story behind "Pig Pen"

The moniker was earned in Marine Corps boot camp during a company inspection. The Drill instructor was going down the line inspecting bunks, lockers and Marines. Everything was perfect until he got to Mike's locker. He opened it up. It too was perfect, because all the extra crap he had collected was stuffed into the empty locker no one was using. The Drill Instructor wouldn't inspect an empty locker, would he?

He almost didn't, but before her turned to leave, he did. "WHO'S FUCKING PIG PEN IS THIS!??!", he challenged.

The nickname travelled with him to Vietnam and when the Leathernecks heard the story over beers one night, a biker's road-name was born.


Funeral Services

Mike Cummins will be laid to rest in the VA National Cemetery at Lake Worth with full military honors and color guard.


Tillman Funeral Home

  • Say goodbye to Mike and offer condolences to the family.
  • Closed Casket. Everyone is welcome.
  • Departing escort provided by the Leathernecks MC.
  • 2170 South Military Trail, West Palm Beach, Florida 33415
  • Click Here for Directions

National Cemetery

  • Full military honors and color guard.
  • Everyone is welcome.
  • 6501 S. State Road 7, Lake Worth, FL 33449
  • Click Here for Directions

Celebration of Life

  • Friends and family will be gathering informally afterwards.
  • Picnic at Mike and Joyce's house.
  • Share stories and celebrate the life of our friend and mentor.


  • Friday, March 18th, 2016
  • Funeral Home: 1030 - 1230 hrs
  • Funeral Procession: 1230 - 1300 hrs
  • National Cemetery: 1345 - 1415 hrs
  • Celebration of Life: 1500 hrs +


Here are a few memories that we'd like to share with you.

  • All
  • The Marine
  • The Officer
  • The Captain
  • The Leatherneck
  • Husband, Father, Grandpa
The Leatherneck ...on the road again.
The Marine ...fresh from the Louisiana Bayou
The Captain ...on the Lake of the Ozarks with his grandson
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...the entire family here in South Florida
The Leatherneck ...a grunt and his hog
The Marine ...representing the 9th Engineers in Company D
The Captain ...he called her his 'Angel'
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...a Dad and his Daughter
The Leatherneck ...laying 'Wreaths Across America'
The Marine ...having a cold one in Chu Lai, Vietnam.
The Captain ...sailing the Sloop, 'Tattoo'
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...Grandpa rides with his Grandson.
The Leatherneck ...posing with the Leathernecks
The Marine ...at the reunion in D.C. with his fellow Engineers.
The Captain ...looks like we're having lobster for dinner!
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...Joyce, his soul mate.
The Leatherneck ...riding The Dragon with the Leathernecks.
The Marine ...photoshopped into a set of dress blues.
The Captain ...the Captain and his First Mate.
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...having lunch with his son.
The Officer ...who's the man? I'm the man.
The Captain ...you've got to clean the conch, mon.
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...officiating at his son's wedding - he's a Captain at sea!
The Leatherneck ...it wasn't all work and no play.
The Officer ...visiting Dinner Key.
The Captain ...the shirt reads, 'Captain SIR!'
The Leatherneck ...laying wreaths every year for the fallen
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...and BROTHER!
The Captain ...son of a son of a sailor
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...getting ready for a ride with his grandson.
The Leatherneck ...Mike ran into Allen West a number of times. Another great guy.
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...with his new son-in-law.
The Captain ...That's Mike on deck, anchored in the Exumas.
Husband, Father, Grandpa ...at times he referred to his son as 'my kid, the squid'.


In lieu of flowers, the Cummins family would prefer that you donate to either of the charities that were near and dear to Mike Cummins' heart.


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Mike Cummins: Marine, Officer, Captain, Brother, Father, Grandfather, Beloved Husband.